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From Tia Fanning


Hot H*rny Nights: A Naughty Unicorn Shifter Anthology

These shifters have never been… h*rnier.

If you thought unicorns were just a thing of legends, you thought wrong. These seductive beasts are ripped from the pages of myths and stomping into your hearts and n@ughty dreams.

No longer are they willing to be bystanders, just talked about in hushed tones. They are among us, ready to fulfill our darkest fantasies with their large, thr0bbing… horns.

This h*rny anthology has stories ranging in darkness levels, but all are a mix of sugar and spice. And perhaps a touch of frosting straight from the source. If you know what I mean.

Please enjoy stories from the following authors:
Tia Fanning
Whitnay Edes
S.L. Greyback
Marilize Roos
Mania Balor
Lilith Alastor
Faedra Rose

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